Summer wonder camp

It’s all twisted here mom! When I get out of the door, I look upon this huge, huge shopping mall. The personification of capitalism. It taunts me every time I step out. They let me go out. It whispers to me: Come inside, and I’ll swallow you whole.

It was right. I went in. I take on dares. It’s got fifteen floors and it’s as big as a city. They bury you in clothes and shoes and everything a thousand times round. They have a massage studio, and a stage with dancers, and a medical clinic with scary pictures on the wall of diseased or deceased toes and Asian women who look more happy when their skin is whiter.

I went in every day after that. There’s this rumor there’s a theme park on the fifth floor, complete with roller-coaster. It took me a month of wandering before I saw it for the first time. Sure enough. A roller coaster. Just next to this bowling hall of twenty lanes. Or was it forty? Next to the sushi place with this funny mini conveyor-belt where the sushi goes round and round and round and round and round.

Also next to the 3d cinema where I went to see Alice In Wonderland with the Matt Hatter. No, not in the film! He sat right next to me! Or was that just 3d? I get confused easily.

I can’t go there no more. They say it’s not healthy for me. So I spend a lot time inside now. I sleep in a bunk-bed. Just like in Oostvoorne! You remember? Tell Sjanie!

With three other people in a room. And we hardly ever fight about who gets which bed. Their faces change every night. Just like their bodies and their sex. I never know who is who. That scares me sometimes. But it’s ok. They are nice when they talk. If they talk. I don’t always understand them, cause their language changes as well. I’m not making this up!

They make me take medicines. Cause my ear was hurting really bad. This whole cocktail. I’m not sure it’s good for me.

When will you come visit? Will you take Sjanie with you? I miss her. You can come any time they say. For as long as you like! Why have you not come yet? It’s not real easy to find, but not that hard either. Just call, and I’ll run out and I’ll come and get you.

It’s nice here, I swear. It’s nice and warm here, and there’s lots of palm trees and geckos. But you have geckos there as well. I know. There’s also lots of rats and cockroaches here, but they don’t bother you and I never saw them on the first floor.

Ok, I need to go sleep now. Write me below here. Don’t forget to water my venus-fly-trap!


1 Response to “Summer wonder camp”

  1. 1 J
    March 13, 2010 at 7:00 pm

    xxxx 😦 🙂 I will come, promissss!!! love U!!!!

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