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As I reviewed the posts I made on this site, I found them a bit on the long side. They were very much against the grain of current internet practice. Internetters unfortunately have lost the power of concentration these days. It was different in my time you know!

This is the age of Twitter I have found out. For you not in the loop: On Twitter people can sign up for blogs. The blog-entries for which shouldn’t be longer than a sentence. The whole thing is drenched in a little social networking sauce. So you can follow how many profound insights your friends or whoever can squeaze into a sentence. Surprised I was when someone on the internets in all earnest referred to a Twitter discourse about Gaza.

So I was faced with a dilemma: I could stand at the sidelines and moan and gripe about what progress brings us, or I could jump in the fray, and ride this brave new wave of social conduct. My heart and soul say: ‘Sidelines!’, but my lust for adventure and my fear of being left behind won out.

But I don’t need Twitter to pen down shallow soundbites. The text-saving capabilities of this blog wil suffice just fine. So here we go. My private life (now public) during Januari Twitterized:

– Spent New Years eve dancing to bad R&B, until a bit before midnight angry party-goers beat up the DJ, and after he still wouldn’t quit, threw his equipment from shoddy table on the dance-floor

– Daily power outage (loadshedding) went up to 14 hours a day

– Went to see Ghajini; hindi version of Memento: half comic love story, half violent action-movie, with song and dance!

– Interns weren’t allowed to get into the Department of Education computer lab on Wednesday because student protesters had blocked the entrance to said department

– Loadshedding went up to 16 hours

– Rumour has it that the high loadshedding hours are due to the government wanting to force money and gasolene guzzeling diesel plants down our throats, so as to ensure some shady deal

– Area of my home is out of water, perhaps because there’s not enough electricity to pump sufficient water our way

– We are rationing our showers

– Office battery backup broke down

– I am a wee bit stinky

– Started smoking again

– Water truck to pump 8000 litres of water in our underground basin for about 1300 rupees (13 eur) didn’t come for some reason

– Went to Nagarkote for the weekend with the house-girls to trade the cold city for the cold country-side

– Mountains are pretty

– Loadshedding went up to 18 hours a day

– Stopped smoking again

– Am getting a wee bit tired of loadshedding

– The whole household, many of whos inhabitants don’t dislike animals, is plotting the death of the neighbourhood dog, who is driving us insane with rabid barking EVERY SINGLE NIGHT

– Mac, MP3 player, mobile phone, DS, 2 XO’s (one for battery swap) are adhering to a strict make-sure-it’s-plugged-into-the-wall-at-night-and-when-away-because-you-never-know-when-the-power-is-back-on policy

– Started smoking again

– Water is dripping into underground basin again from regular sources, just a few hours after our ad-hoc water truck finally came

– Loadshedding hours went down it seems; rumor has it they’re experimenting with new hydro-plant

– Am less stinky

– Finally reading up on Bash scripting, as I’m a bit ashamed of my admin skills in this area

– Am absolutely horrified (HORRIFIED ( HOR – RI – FIED )) at the godawful brysantine inconsistent mess Bash dares to present us as its syntax

– the idea of programming through program return values and processes is kinda cool

– Found out that an infected red swollen eyelid the size of a wallnut does not attract the opposite sex half as much as expected

– Lost again playing poker

– Missed Ministery of Sound, who alledgedly played at Platinum just before we arrived

– Felt like a script-kiddie-hacker when I, as a reluctant soldier in Microsofts officious volunteer army, armed with a Linux live cd, cracked XP admin password to unlock locked user account of roommate

– Stopped smoking again, due to sickness

– Had to prospone Nepali artist interview once again (sorry Ram!)

– Finally got what I was craving for for (four?) months: a birds-eye view of the Linux kernel, while reading Linux Kernel Development 2nd ed. (really as an excuse to get away from Bash)

– Am reminded again at how ugly C really is

– Sorda, kinda started smoking again

– Power cuts are a practical way to curb my Weeds viewing addiction

– Got woken up today by a puppy licking my face

– The posting of this post has been constipated due to puking and pooping and tummy problems for about a week

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